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Transporting construction materials such as steel bars, cement, pipes, container vans and scaffolding has never been easier with T1 Transport’s available line up of trailers of various lengths, capacities and configurations.

Hauling service in the Philippines

A quick look into any business’ operations will reveal that an integral part of its process has to do with movement, particularly transportation – both of people and materials. Your favorite restaurants would not be able to open their doors; the grocery store around the corner of your street would not be able to replenish its shelves, just in time for your morning errands run; if not for the day-to-day delivery of all the goods they would need to conduct business as usual.

Similarly, construction projects cannot be completed should the necessary construction materials such as steel bars, cement pipes, container vans, and scaffolding never make it to the construction site. Even construction aggregates such as sand and gravel need to be supplied on an almost daily basis. And attempting to perform any of the heavy-duty tasks concerning construction on your own or even with an inexperienced team carries with it risks you shouldn’t overlook.

In other words, to get things done well, safely, and on time, you need the right equipment and services powered by the right people. This is where hauling and trucking services, which deal with the movement of vast quantities of goods or materials across long distances, come in handy.

Luckily, there’s T1 Transport, the trusted logistics company in the Philippines.

Why Choose T1 Transport for Hauling and Trucking Services

T1 Transport is the heavy transport subsidiary of First Balfour, Inc., one of the leading solutions providers in the Philippines for world-class engineering and construction services.

With the eagerness to provide a wide range of prompt, efficient, and stress-free transport and logistics solutions through highly-skilled and well-trained personnel, and a reliable transport fleet, T1 Transport has offered its expert services for both onshore and offshore projects, since launching in 2015.

T1 Transport offers a lineup of material transport equipment that support even interisland trucking of construction materials; and caters to clients from various sectors, including construction, logistics, industrial, and anyone else looking for affordable and reliable transport service.

Best Hauling Service in the Philippines

At T1 Transport, we provide safe and reliable hauling and trucking services for onshore and offshore projects. And we do this by guaranteeing only the best quality across all areas of our operations, from material transport equipment manufactured by trusted brands to a team expertly trained to man them.

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Our People

Since rebranding in 2015, we have built our character and reputation as the country’s trusted logistics company. This has largely been made possible by the quality of our people, to whom we provide constant training on the correct and safe handling of whatever equipment is in transit or delivery, best practices in road safety, as well as defensive driving.

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Our Values

The key motivators behind excellent service are the company’s values. Because we recognize and take pride in our role in nation-building, we guarantee fast, efficient, and professional hauling and trucking services; peace of mind over the safety of your materials; and a stress-free experience every time you move with us. Simply put, we get things done, so you can too.
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Our Cost

When it comes to determining the cost of hauling and trucking services, logistics companies consider a few factors, such as the mode of transport, the distance to be traveled, and the equipment itself. For some projects, there will also be miscellaneous fees to cover permits, load assistance, and pilot cars, if necessary.

While your instinctive plan of action may be to spring for the cheapest quotation, keep in mind that the transportation of your construction materials should not be something your company allocates inadequate funds for, given the considerable risk of pushing back your project’s timeline or eventually driving up costs in the event of injuries or damaged goods.

It is always best to place your trust in the hands of reputable companies with years of successful experience, to handle your material equipment transport. Luckily, at T1 Transport, you are always free to ask for sample quotes for your hauling and trucking needs, and we will do our best to meet you where you are financially.

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Our Fleet

For your peace of mind and ours, we consistently acquire from only the best truck manufacturers around the world, to ensure any material transport equipment you choose is guaranteed safe and reliable. Our fleet is also meticulously maintained by competent personnel in compliance with world class maintenance standards.

T1 Transport offers trailers of various lengths, capacities and configurations, to ensure efficient, safe, and reliable transportation.

We utilize tractor heads manufactured by Hino, Isuzu, and UD, which offer a bed space of up to 6.77m x 2.50m; low bed trailers manufactured by Murami, Ongson Steel Builders, Witzco-Challenger, and Macro, which offer a bed space of up to 12.2m x 2.40m and can carry up to 80 tons; and high bed trailers manufactured by Sekyu and Ongson Steel Builders, which offer a bed space of up to 12.2m x 2.40m and can carry up to 60 tons.

Where We Deliver in the Philippines

At T1 Transport, our vision is to become the leading transport services provider in the Philippines, offering transport and logistics solutions to a diverse portfolio of businesses such as construction companies, logistics logistics firms, heavy equipment dealers, and strategic partners. Thus, we remain committed to empowering companies by offering nationwide transportation and delivery services.

Whatever and wherever you need to move, you can count on T1 Transport to get things done.

Get your Heavy Equipment Shipped with T1 Transport

As nation-building is your mission, your vision, and your business, T1 Transport is dedicated to streamlining your project through efficient, safe, and customer-oriented heavy equipment transport solutions – with transportation equipment manufactured only by reputable brands, a team of experts, and a recognition of the role we play in helping you build better lives.

You have the power to make things happen. We’re just here to help you get things done. Request a quote or get in touch with us by filling out our form.

Our power to deliver is yours.

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